HP Pavilion P6500z Review – Best Choice for Home Users

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Read the review of HP Pavilion P6500z if you have intention to purchase this desktop PC from HP computers. Computers are going to be used for several years and hence you should spend some time to analyze each and every model to find the best one. Reading reviews of the computer model is the best method to know the features, advantages, price and other details of a computer.

Appearance and style of HP Pavilion P6500z

HP Pavilion P6500z is a cute, sleek and compact computer that comes in a glossy black finish with silver and chrome accents. The front portion of the machine is concealed. There are ports for MP3 player, 15-in-one digital media card reader, pocket media drive bay etc. The machine also comes with optional USB wireless LAN Card. There is an illuminated power button and HP symbol in the front side.


The processor is doubly powerful and this machine operates with certified windows 7 operating system. The machine comes with AMD multi-core processor which has the efficiency to boost the speed of the computer. The machine is fitted with DDR2 RAM and SATA hard drive. HP6500z machine can also be termed as multitasking computer as you will get DDR2 1066 MHz SDRAM feature for this machine. With this RAM you can handle any type of complex software. You can simultaneously operate the system and run any number of folders. This system does not hangout even with more applications. You can browse the net and also operate the system with excellent speed as the AMD multi-core processor does not allow the system to slow down. The power consumption is less and the performance is great in this model. So, you can use this piece for your business use and as well as for personal use.

Vital tools of HP Pavilion HP P6550z

This desktop computer is equipped with excellent sound system. This PC comes with 5.1 channel sound which gives great sound clarity when you watch movies and play games. The machine can also be added with Blu-ray DVD writer cum player which comes as an optional tool. If you want to convert this machine to create multimedia graphics or images, then include the optional graphic card. So, this is a perfect computer for professional designers, multimedia creators and also for children. The gaming output is extremely good and is definitely a visual treat to play games in computers like this one.

HP Pavilion HP p6550z computer can also be further improvised by adding Mediasmart software. This software is necessary and useful if you are using this PC for your professional use. This software is highly helpful to create and edit movies. So, you can effortlessly create movies, videos, images and other graphics and also edit them easily.

The above review confirms and guarantees that this HP computer is worthy one to purchase. Also this machine is not costly as you think. This is one of the cheapest HP computers and you can get this system for just $300 with basic specification.


Source by Ravi Oza

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