Would You Describe Yourself As a Extreme Couponing Entrepreneur?

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Have you ever watched TLC's Extreme Couponing Show?

Recently I tuned in to see what the show is all about. I was amazed at how dedicated these coupon clipping extreme savers were. They had file folders dedicated to the Sunday Paper Ad's. They enlist the help of their neighbors and friends to save coupons for them. They also have grocery store apps on their phone alerting them of sales.

One man in particular hits the grocery store four days a week to check on in-store specials. When he was not out collecting items to put on his in-house store shelves located in the basement, he is admiring what he has already collected.

I was confused as to why they would collect shampoo for the next two years, toilet paper for the next eight months and many more shelf items they would not be using for years to come.

One person was buying items she didn't have any use for. Many of the people on the show stated they spend about $30 a week buying items. The registers were showing 800.00 and 900.00 dollars' worth of products for 15.00 and 20.00 bucks. I do have to admit this is amazing to watch however; it is frustrating at the same time.

You see, all of these people have something in common. Do you know what it is?

What I observed, while watching extreme couponing, was each and every one of the people spend hours upon hours dedicated to saving money. Their income level isn't changing and they are buying items that will not serve their household for years to come. Some of the items may even expire before they get around to using them. To top it all off, they need a place to store everything.

Did you get the same message?

They spend all their time saving. Let's look at this from a different point of view. What if they put the energy and time they spend saving into making, how would their lives change?

A lot of the people on TLC's extreme couponing show are savers full-time. One person in particular had a hardship in her house. Her husband just became unemployed. Do you think all the shopping she does can continue? Even if she is getting retail items for 92% savings, she is still spending money that is no longer coming in.

These same people could be making more than they are saving simply by investing in themselves. They all have what it takes to be successful. They have value which they can offer others. They also have the drive that keeps them from giving up. We know this by watching how focused and organized they are.

If you have watched this show and tune in regularly it tells me you will be successful investing in yourself too. Are you are one of the extreme coupon queen or kings? If this is the case, I am talking to you. I want to open your mind and show you how to turn your budget saving expertise into money making expertise.

You have already mastered the art of saving, why not take on the art of making?

Challenge yourself and accept new opportunities. Wouldn't it be fun to make money teaching others about your saving abilities? Start today with your own high ranking blog.

Start the new challenging chapter of your life.


Source by Vicki Stanley Brown

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