Why ASUS EEPC1201N is My Most Recommended Gadget For 2009

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ASUS EEPC1201N is a small notebook computer with a dual-core CPU, a big hard-drive, gigs of RAM, an Nvidia video card and many more features typically found on a higher-end notebook. The selling point? It only costs $500 and it's available before Christmas!

ASUS EEPC1201N is considered a netbook. Netbooks, originally underpowered and created for home Internet surfing, are very popular in Europe, but little is known about them in North America. Since the introduction in 2007, netbooks have greatly improved in specs and today there is very little distinction between a netbook and a small notebook in terms of computing power. A typical netbook, however, is ultra-light and has superior battery life.

Since it is optimized for regular home use, a netbook such as ASUS EEPC1201N is perfect for surfing, looking up information, playing movies or even games. This computer is light, compact, and stylish. A 12″ ultra crisp screen is more than enough for performing daily tasks.

Let's look at the specs for the upcoming ASUS EEPC 1201N:


– 320 GB Harddrive

– HDMI out (to hookup directly to your HD TV)

– 11 hours of battery life

– 12″ ultra bright screen

– Wi-Fi

– Bluetooth

– Webcam

– Windows 7

– SD Card slot

These are pretty impressive specs for only $500. A typical entry-level Apple Macbook starts at $999, and it only differs by having a faster CPU and an optical drive. It is also worth mentioning that a MacBook has no HDMI out, no SD card slot, and has a smaller hard-drive than ASUS EEPC1201N.

Consider having a netbook for home use or give one for Christmas. At only 3 lbs, this amazing little gadget will be a definite bestseller during this holiday season.


Source by Konstantin Tsiryulnikov

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