What is the Cheapest Way to Order Medifast Meals?

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I recently had someone contact me and tell me that she was trying to “order medifast in the cheapest way possible.” To that end, she stressed that she wanted to pay for the “food only” and was looking for the “cheapest dealer.” There were a lot of things that I had to explain in order to address her questions. I figured if she had these concerns and questions, I'm sure that other people have similar issues. So, in the following article, I'll go over how to order medifast meals and foods in the cheapest and most cost effective way possible.

You Don't Have To Pay For Anything Other Than Your Medifast Food: The person who wrote to me seemed to think that there was some membership or joining fee to sign up or to use their resources, counseling, or support. She seemed to have the perception that she was going to save money by stripping her order down to only food.

The thing is, membership, support, counseling, and the use of the resources are all free with any food order. So, you really are only paying for your food and you don't have to do anything special in order for this to happen. The only thing extra you'd need to pay for (if you wanted or needed these things) would be blenders or books. But these aren't required and you can place an order for just food and still have access to all the extras without any additional cost.

The Cheapest Way To Buy Medifast Food And Meals: People commonly ask me for information about the “cheapest medifast dealer or seller.” Only the company itself sells it's food. Now, there are a few clinics, but not every one has one of these close to them. Third party businesses and websites offer coupons, tips and links to specials but they themselves are not the seller. If someone is claiming this, I would very much doubt this and I'd be reluctant to deal with them.

Like with many things, the cheapest way to purchase this diet's meals and foods is often in bulk. The company offers two week and monthly packages, but they will also allow you to buy any of the foods individually. However, if you buy the meals separately, you're going to pay more. A monthly package that gives you enough meals to eat five times per day for the whole month is around $299 before coupons. And if you attempted to buy that many meals individually, you'd pay a lot more for them. Plus, buying a package often means that you have access and are allowed to use the best coupons, which leads me to my next point.

Effectively Using Medifast Coupons: I often tell people they should never forget to use the coupons. Why pay full price when you do not have to, especially in this economy? This company is extremely generous with their coupons and discounts. Although the codes and offers generally change from one month to the next, there is always an opportunity to save money.

Typically, you can chose between some monetary discount off of your order (usually over or around $50 off) or they will offer you free food (usually around 2-3 weeks worth.) Most people will go with the money off coupons. I do understand this. It feels good to save around twenty five percent and put that $50 back into your pocket. But, in terms of monetary value, the free food is worth more.

Whichever way you chose to go, always remember to enter your coupon code into the blank box at the bottom of the page. (You can cut and paste it.) And make sure that you're using a non expired coupon. When people tell me that their medifast coupon code didn't work, it's usually due to the fact that they're using an old one.


Source by Lindsey Price

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