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When it came to buying a computer a few years back it always seemed that people would buy desktops as the laptops were priced a little too high for the masses. This is not the case today and sometimes it can be hard knowing which one to choose.

Well with that in mind I have decided to let you in on a few things that I have noticed with regards to computers and hopefully it will help you to make your mind up when thinking of purchasing a computer.

Price can have a major bearing on which computer you should buy and the desktop always comes out as the cheaper option with regards to price. A good desktop computer can be picked up for less than $500 today. If you wanted the equivalent but in a laptop you would definitely have to pay a lot more than $500 for one.

Computers are good for storing many things on such as your personal information. But if you do this then it is far safer to have a desktop than a laptop.

The main reason why I make this statement is that because of the size and weight of a laptop if there was ever a robbery at your house a thief would not think twice about stealing your laptop. If they saw a large desktop computer on the other hand they would,more than likely leave it as it is far to bulky to be carrying about.

As we have said laptops are smaller and lighter than desktops and as such they are more likely to be moved from place to place. This can inevitably lead to them being dropped or knocked and damaged. The desktop tends to stay in one place so this is less likely to happen.

Overheating can also affect laptops due to their small size and the amount of use that they have to deal with. A desktop is a lot larger and as such lets a lot more air get to it to cool it down so this is not normally an issue.

Finally if you do purchase a computer of any kind please make sure that you buy it from a safe source such as a computer dealership. If you feel confident on your computer knowledge then you could try to build one yourself.


Source by Val McQueen

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