The Truth About Nutrisystem

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The other day, I received an email from someone who said: “Tell me the whole truth about Nutrisystem.  Does it really work? Is the food really good? Do you really get to eat pizza and comfort foods? Was Jillian Barberie really ever fat or is this all a scam?” This email had a lot of questions, but I'll try to answer all of them in the following article.

My Truth About Nutrisystem. Reality As I Know It: In my experience with this diet, it pretty much delivers what it promises.  You do get to eat tacos, ravioli, pizza, burgers, chocolate cake, and cookies, etc.   The company really has made a strong effort to take comfort foods that most people like (macaroni and cheese, fajitas, etc.) and to make them low in calories, low in carbohydrates, and high in protein and fiber.  And, this is the mechanism by which the diet really works for most dieters.  This combination encourages your body to trend toward a metabolic state called ketosis where it's burning your body fat.  Simply, you no longer have the excess carbs to burn so your body has to make due with what is available – fat.

As far as the taste of the food, no, the burgers are not going to be exactly like a Big Mac, a whopper, or an in and out burger and the pizza is on flat bread rather than the pan variety, but most of it is pretty decent and I do appreciate having these options because most diets do not allow this. There's no frosting on the cakes, but hey, at least it's cake and it satisfies the sweet tooth while keeping you in the safe, ketosis zone.

Does Nutrisystem Really Work?: It does (in my opinion) if you follow along as directed and get into ketosis.  (You can test to see if you've reached this goal with strips called ketone strips that are available in the pharmacy with the diabetic supplies.) I believe that some people get stuck on adding in their fresh sides. They ask you to add fruit, veggies or dairy with your meals, but you have to use common sense with this.  If you add in a side that is chock full of carbs or high in calories, you're not doing yourself any favors at all. 

Was Jillian Barberie Ever Really Fat?: There's a lot of controversy about the Nutrisystem ad which shows Jillian in a fat dress. In truth, Jillian was “fat” or had gained a little weight because she'd given birth.  Does this make her any less over weight because it was postpartum? Your opinion on that is up to you, but she did lose 40 pounds. However, we'll never know if she could've done this without Nutrisystem. 

I'm more apt to find Marie Osmond's weight loss on this diet as more believable as she actually was pretty chubby before she was even in the spot light.  There are several photos of her where she is much larger than she is now.  Granted, Dancing With The Stars likely helped, but she has managed to keep the weight off.

So, Is Nutrisystem A Scam?: I have people who ask me this occasionally and the answer to this question is a resounding no. You are basically paying $10 per day (and that's before coupons) and are getting enough food for 5 meals.  $2 per meal is extremely reasonable. Specials and discounts can bring this down even more.  And, if you eat the food and are smart about your sides, I firmly believe that you will get in ketosis and therefore will lose weight. The company doesn't require you to count calories or carbs and they provide the food for you.  They've done most of the work. The rest is up to you.


Source by Ava Alderman

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