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Everyone like a deal. The bigger the discount the more we like them. Coupons and coupon sites have been around for years but with the advent of the “Daily Deal” model brought to us by Groupon, the landscape has changed and become much more interesting. With this revolutionary idea came the competition and now there are hundreds of deal sites focusing on both national and local deals. The question is: how to make sure you don't miss the deals you want without spending time searching out all the local sites and spending hours sifting through daily deal emails. Enter the daily deal aggregator.

This new concept has been around for less than a couple of years and is helping consumers manage all the deal data out there on the Internet. A daily deal aggregator acts like a search engine or a content specific portal and captures all the deals in one location, but there are a few other niceties in finding the right aggregator for you.

Deal Management: Aggregators pull deals from a number of deal sites and places them in a single location. Many of these sites place these in particular categories like; travel, restaurants, salon and spa, retail etc. So if you are looking for a restaurant deal say in Chicago, you pull up one of these aggregators and search in the food and wine category and BAM… you have a number of deals to consider. From there, the user is taken into the daily deal site promoting the particular deal and you can make a purchase. There is no registration needed for an aggregator but if you choose to, you will be provided deal updates via email for the cities and categories you wish. This allows the user to safely filter all of the emails received from the many deal sites without ever worrying about missing out on a killer promotion.

Customized Deal Flow: One of the great features of aggregators is the ability to filter out the deals that don't fit your lifestyle. For example, if you are only interested in restaurant deals and don't care for receiving updates on oil changes or hotel deals, then you just opt out of this category. By simple setting your preferences in the website, you will be able to maximize your deal-flow and minimize the amount of time searching for them.

Niche Content: Certain aggregators are now focusing on a targeted audience and provide reviews, suggestions and other advertisement that are relevant to the daily deal subscriber. In fact, some are going so far as providing a percentage of their profits to benefit different charities and causes for their target audience. It's a very special and interesting concept that is providing the subscriber some vested interest in these aggregator sites.

The bottom line is that daily deals are not going away. Retailers, for the most part, like the economics and the benefits of finding new customers. The US economy is necessitating better pricing to motivate people to go out and shop. Aggregators are facilitating this process and will become an integral part of this industry in the future.


Source by Steve Champlin

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