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When putting together your emergency preparedness kit you must consider what kinds and how much food stuff you want to put away. You may be thinking short term as in a weeks worth out to one year supply. When making a purchase many people opt for the ready made food supply packages that can give you everything for a family of four, as an example. This can be a good way to go for some but it can be expensive and it may include items you don't really want.

The best option would be to build your own emergency food supply. You know what you or your family like and can make purchases based on that. As far as storage of your food, the ready made deals are packaged for long term, but not all of what you buy yourself would have a long shelve life, but you can rotate your stock to keep it up to date. Use what you have put away so if you really need it you will already know how it tastes and how to prepare it so you have no surprises.

Best thing is to put away easy to prepare items so less work is involved in preparation. Canned goods are a good choice and they keep for much longer than the date on the can. If you use dehydrated or freeze dried foods you will need more water for cooking so they may not be what you want. Remember to put aside condiments also for seasoning your food. Paper plates or bowls can help with having less to clean up; you can just throw them away.

Doing some simple research online will show you a lot of info on survival food supplies and take what info you think would be best for your interests and implement it. You never know when some unforeseen event will happen and having extra food on hand when the stores are closed would really benefit you


Source by Josh Stevens

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