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About MYXfitness

MYX was created to help you reach your goals in the time you have to work out — whether that’s 20 minutes twice a week, 10 minutes in between helping your kids with homework, or the daily sessions you need to get ready for a half marathon.

MYX comes with a heart rate monitor for a reason. For optimum health and fitness, you need to work out across a variety of intensity levels (heart rate zones).

Our tech will assess your current cardiovascular fitness, and our coaches will guide you where you need to go to achieve your specific goals based on three heart rate zones calibrated just for you.

Leading with your heart in this way also minimizes your risk of fatigue and overworking so your workouts are sustainable and you can better avoid injury.

You tell us your fitness goals, and SmartMYX tells you what to do based on you. SmartMYX intelligently guides you through personalized workout recommendations to optimize the time you have so you can reach your fitness goals efficiently.

As you work out over time, this machine learning-based AI will get smarter and smarter, making even more personalized recommendations that grow with you as you progress or change your goals.

Get the latest MYXfitness coupon codes, deals, promos