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About Inhale Health

Founded in 2014, Inhale Health is a technology company based in Los Angeles, California. We design and manufacture lifestyle wellness products using the latest in modern bioactive science. We’re committed to shifting the paradigm by advancing technology intended for positive habits and healthy outcomes.

Inhalation is miraculous. Every breath you take is a direct pathway to your bloodstream. This powerful delivery mechanism urgently needs to be harnessed for good. It’s important to reframe our perspectives and understand that inhalation is not the enemy. It’s an opportunity to reach our bodies near instantaneously. Think of all the amazing applications we unlock when we adjust our perspective and start to apply inhalation for good.

We continue to innovate and apply inhaled technology towards a host of positive applications designed to support our mission of advancing global health.

The idea of using inhalation for good is timely and important for society more now than ever. Collectively we have an opportunity to adjust consumer behavior, and positively affect public health by reframing our perspective. A line in the sand needs to be drawn. We must cognitively separate between products we know to be harmful, and products designed to increase wellness. Both consumer, and regulatory decisions should take this key distinction into account when forming their opinions.

As a society, the products we choose to manufacture are a reflection of our values. Hopefully, we can all agree that life is sacred. Therefore it’s pressing to design products that we know protect and advance life itself. Innovation is the most powerful driver of progress in any system. Disruptive advancements repave the way we interact with and perceive our world. There are important trends unfolding right now in our society centered around inhalation itself. At Inhale Health®, we are doing everything in our power to apply inhalation technology towards wellness. There is a collective epiphany we all need to have. Inhalation can and should be used for good.