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[Designed to blend with the premium mattress layers, the Active Grid is flexible and contouring, conforming to your body and relieving pressure points.

Its unique grid pattern creates a total cooling surface of 7 square feet on a Queen size Pod. It uses water to facilitate the continuous absorption and removal of up to 20W of heat from each side of the bed, helping you and your partner stay comfortably cool.

Pod Pro features an additional layer of foam in its Active Grid —the thermoregulating layer of the bed. Like a premium topper, the integrated Comfort Blend™ pairs with the other four layers of premium foam for the ultimate contouring support while continuing to deliver a personalized microclimate on each side of the bed.]


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What Others are Saying About Eight Sleep

The Eight Sleep Pod is more than just a mattress, It’s a next-generation sleep system. In fact, it was named one of Time magazine’s best inventions of 2019. I first experienced the Eight Sleep Pod when I was invited by Eight Sleep at the Standard Hotel in New York where Eight Sleep outfitted a room with the Pod mattress for me to try.

This mattress has a heating and cooling system where you can control the temperature of the mattress in 2 zones so for instance, you can cool the mattress while at the same time your partner heats it up. All of this is controlled and monitored with the Eight Sleep app you use on your phone. I was sent another system to test out back in Minneapolis and these are my findings.


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