Spy on My Wife’s Computer – Monitor All the Activities on the Computer

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Are you suspicious on your wife's behavior? Have you ever wanted to see what is she doing online, with whom does she chat online, which pages does she visit on the web? I also wanted to know all this facts, because I was almost sure, that she was dating someone online, even in real. So I wanted to do a bit of a monitoring about what was she doing on the internet while I wasn't around. I can tell you, it is simple and can save your marriage.

Spy on My Wife's Computer – What I need to do?

It may seem difficult do do it, but is not. Many people while they finish browsing, they clear all the history. This is the first sign that they want to hide something from you. You may ask yourself: so how can I even see what are they doing online if they hide all the tracks. This is true, you can't. But with the proper software you can see practically everything. These kinds of programs are called “computer monitoring software”. It is a program, that in real-time it records all the activity on the computer and online. It stores all the information about: which web pages were visited, all the popular online chats (aol, msn, facebook, windowslive,…), it can store also all the received and sent e-mails, etc.

It also captures the screen. This means you can actually see the picture. So you always have the proof of her deeds. The best part of these monitoring programs is that you can spy on your wife's computer remotely on your computer. So you never need to sneak on her computer and see the logs, screens,…

There are many such programs online, but most of them are so obvious that everyone can detect them on their PC. So if you want to spy on your wife's computer, you need to have a powerful one.


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