‘Save Money on Every Trip to the Grocery Store – Plus More Savings Advice for Every Day’ Book Review

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‘Save Money on Every Trip to the Grocery Store' is touted as a book that will pay for itself even if you only read the first few pages. The book provides the reader with a ton of information on how to save money at the grocery store using coupons and by finding the best deals. The book only costs 99 cents, so the claim of paying for itself is on that can easily be proven.

The book is broken down into a series of steps that take you from simple savings all the way up through what some people might refer to as “extreme couponing.” The book gives you all the tools you need to spend wisely, the only thing you have to provide is the time. How much time are you willing to hunt down deals and find coupons? Your answer to that question will be the sole factor in determining how much or how little money you save.

‘Save Money on Every Trip to the Grocery Store' can be considered a crash course in couponing. You are taught how to read coupons, where to find them, and how they can be used. Believe it or not, not all coupons are easy to understand and people often lose money by not using them properly. By arming yourself with the knowledge in ‘Save Money on Every Trip to the Grocery Store' you will be able to shop with confidence knowing that the coupons you have clipped are the right ones AND that you know how to use them.

Using a coupon is fairly easy, but Eric Summers can help you determine not only how to use a coupon, but when and where. Coupon doubling is covered in detail, explaining how some stores make coupons even more powerful in an attempt to lure your business. Additionally, the book goes over how to match coupons with sales events to save even more money.

Beyond using coupons, the book also explains how to get coupons (spoiler: there's a lot more coupons out there than you think). Beyond coupons the book also details how to save through loyalty programs and tracking sales events. Finally, ‘Save Money on Every Trip to the Grocery Store' gives some general advice on how to save money on your utilities and other monthly expenses.

‘Save Money on Every Trip to the Grocery Store' by Summer Ericson is a short eBook that packs in a lot of powerful information. The book definitely keeps it promise, you will be able to recoup the cost of the book in your first trip to the store after reading this book! The book is available on Amazon as an eBook download for the Kindle or through Barnes and Noble for the Nook.


Source by Sara Bright

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