Save Money – 5 Easy Ways to Save $100 Or More a Month

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You may still be thinking there isn't any way you can save a hundred dollars a month. Like one young single mom I know, you may believe you don't have that much a month over the actual cost of living. But, bear with me. I'll show you how.

1. Stop smoking!

At $4.00 a pack, and a pack a day, if you stop smoking today, that's $120.00 a month you've saved, not to mention the midnight runs to the convenience store to get a pack of cigs.

2. Stop buying coffee at the coffee shop.

At $5.00 a cup, plus how much is that brownie you got to eat with your coffee? That's $150.00 a month. Saved! Ka-ching, Ka-ching. You're doing it!

3. Make all errands in one trip.

Stop doing all those extra trips to town. You can probably save half a tank of gas, if not more each month just by cutting the extra trips to town. Get groceries on the way home from work! You can do it, just plan better.

4. Shut off the cable.

There are so many things you can do in the evening that don't have anything to do with television. Perhaps a walk, play with the kids, walk through parking lots looking for dropped coins. Try baking cookies for snacks instead of buying them.

5. Eat at home.

Eat meals at home, and NOT take out. Prepare your own meals from scratch, using inexpensive and flavorful recipes. They'll be healthier and give you more benefits, including time to enjoy cooking and eating with the family.

Yes! You can save $100.00 or more every month!


Source by B.R. Clarke

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