Kaspersky Secure Connection Review – Comparing the Free Version and Premium Version and All Features


There are so many internet users interested in virtual private networks these days, so it's not surprising that all of the leading security companies are trying to introduce VPN services. Not all of them are worth the money. If you are looking for a good service, you might want to consider Kaspersky Secure Connection, as it allows you to choose from a high number of servers from around the world, and offers connections for up to 5 devices. All of the data sent and received from those devices will be encrypted and kept safe.

You can access websites and content in any region or country without being traced. The great thing about Secure Connection is that it won't keep any logs of what you are doing or which websites you visit.

Choose between Basic Protection (Free), Monthly Premium Prescription, or Annual Premium Prescription. You still get a lot with the Free account, including a 200MB data allowance per day. However, the virtual location is automatically selected for you. This might not be a big deal if you just want a VPN on occasion, but if you want to use the private connection often, you might want control over which server to use.

With a Premium account, get a 300MB daily data allowance, and a wide range of countries and regions from which you can choose.

There is some concern about Kaspersky since it's thought to be under the Russian Federation, but this VPN service is provided by AnchorFree, which is actually a US-based organization that has a no-logging policy. More details are provided in the fine print.

Additional Clients in Kaspersky Secure Connection

Want to connect with more than just your laptop or desktop? Kaspersky Secure Connection offers clients for Mac, iOS, Android, and macOS, in addition to Windows. For Premium users, a new, patented “Adaptive Security” technology keeps you safe. It removes pop-up ads, helps you prevent data leaks, and delivers personalized tips and security alerts on what you can do to stay safer. When you are on a mobile device, your private apps, texts, and calls are all kept hidden.

The system requirements, which vary depending on the type of device and operating system, are listed on the company's website.

It's recommended that you start with the free version of Kaspersky Secure Connection and then decide if you want a Premium subscription. You get a huge discount if you opt for an annual subscription, although some users prefer just to spend a few dollars a month 12-times a year instead of one annual fee.

Now you know what to expect with Kaspersky Secure Connection. Discount codes will help you bring down the price of the premium subscription. It's definitely worth the investment with all of the additional features and control.


Source by George Botwin

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