Is It a Problem That Computers Will Soon Be Able to Think?

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Having upgraded and modern software, which is still on research, installed in computers, is it a threat that they will soon be able to think? Or, rather is it actually the problem that humans will start to think like computers? Read on for a discussion on this aspect.

That computers will be able to think is a plus for humans. Humans do not have to do all the hard work any longer. They get to relax more and have lots of leisure.

On the other hand, when humans sit down to interact with computers, now that they are smart, the human brain is more likely to grasp the level the computer is thinking and how it is doing so that they continuously focus on the issue. Therefore, in the long run, humans will start to think like computers which poses a problem to society.

These people will be weirdos, no longer being able to enjoy family life and recreation. Their minds will continue to concentrate on how computers are able to think and get glued to the aspect so that they go into another world, which no force might be able to bring them back to the real world.

They will continuously toil in lab in an effort to understand computers and interact with them at the root level so that hope for their families and social circles will get lost and lives will be changed for the worse.

Therefore, it is critical to comprehend that computers should be allowed to think and make the job of humans easier but no way humans should try to think like them. Because as I have illustrated, it poses a threat for others and they are actually likely to convert into robots, no more being able to function like real humans, missing out on all the fun of life.

It is encouraged though that humans work in labs to try to make computers and robots think that will help to solve complex real-life problems. But humans shouldn't give attention about how they are doing it at the basic level otherwise they start to think like them and all hope is lost.

Summing up, I would suggest humans keep their distance from computers and robots but work on them to make them function in smart ways without getting dangerously involved with them so that they cease to start thinking like machines. That machines will be able to think is not the problem at all. Actually the problem is the other way round and humans should be cautious and canny and know beforehand where the threat actually lies.


Source by Rosina S Khan

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