How To Get Rid Of Stains On Your Office Chair

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The office chair is often abused. It can easily acquire and accumulate dirt, dust, coffee stains and even sweat stains. Keep in mind that work chairs today do not come cheap. If you don't want to spend money on a new work chair, you have to keep your current one clean and well-maintained.

If there are stains, clean them immediately. Here are few tips on how to do that:

Tip 1: Sweat stains can be removed through vinegar. Push your chair into a cleaning area. Mix one cup of distilled white vinegar and one cup of lukewarm water. To evenly apply the solution, place it in a spray bottle. Spray it all over the stained areas of the seat cloth. Let the acids in the vinegar work in removing sweat stains. It usually takes an hour or so to finish this task.

After an hour, remove the contents of the spray bottle and fill it up with water. Spray water on the chair but do not soak the foams completely. Just spray it enough to wash off some of the solution residues. Leave your chair in a nice and warm room to dry up completely.

Tip 2: Vinegar tend to leave a lingering smell in furniture. You can substitute it with lemon juice. Citrus acids work in dissolving sweat and food stains. Coffee stains can also be removed through this natural cleaner. You might want to use lemon instead of other citrus acids because this has a clearer color. Mix one cup of lemon juice with one cup water and place the solution in a spray bottle.

Spray the solution on the stained areas of the chair. Let it dry up before using it again. The stains should be gone after an hour and your chair should smell fresh and clean.

Tip 3: Try using milk to get rid of ink stains if you have accidentally spilled ink on it. Milk contains lactic acid that unseats ink from the fibers of the seat foams. Treat the stained areas with milk. After an hour, use an absorbent cloth to absorb excess moisture and get rid of the stains. Do this until the stains are completely gone. Spray the area with clean water and let it dry completely before using it again.

If you want to avoid staining your work chair, you can try placing seat covers. Water-proof seat covers can repel fluid. This will make your cleaning work a tad easier.


Source by Alan Cassidy

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