How Do You Store Medifast Foods And Meals?

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People sometimes ask me how much space is needed for your Medifast foods. Another common concern is whether you need a refrigerator or freezer to keep the Medifast meals fresh. You really don't need a lot of room for the Medifast meals. In fact, I've heard of people storing them in boxes under their bed. Most of the prepackaged meals come in small boxes that contain pouches of the foods. People sometimes mistakenly assume that the shakes, puddings, or soups need to be refrigerated. They don't. You mix them from the dry ingredients that come in pouches or boxes. The same is true for the brownies, soft serve, and chilli. Now, the bars and the chips, nachos, and puffs don't need to be mixed or constituted. For them, you only have to open the wrapper.

If having enough room for storage is a problem for you, then you can always break down the boxes and lay the contents flat. And I even know people who do this not because space is a problem for them, but because they like to separate out their meals in the way that makes preparation the most convenient. For example, I know someone who will separate out all of their foods and then will make a drawer, box, or canister for all their shakes, brownies, puddings, and soft serve, and other similar foods. And then there are people who will take this same idea and separate out their meals by the day. So, they might have a box or drawer marked for each day within the week. And for example, in the Monday drawer you may find 2 shake packages, 1 bar, 1 pancake mix, and 1 chili mix. Or, in the Tuesday drawer you might have a latte, a scrambled egg package, a brownie mix, a ready to drink shake, and cheese puffs. And then other people will just grab the boxes exactly how they are shipped and stick the whole thing in their pantry without sorting any of it.

It really does come down to your preferences and how you tend to organize. But the bottom line is that you don't need a lot of storage space for even a large monthly Medifast package. All of the foods stack flat and do not require much room at all. And to save space even further, you can sometimes break down the main box for each item and just store the pouches. For example, 15 bars come to a box. Nothing says you can't take those bars out of the box and then store them in a bag that would lay perfectly flat. And you don't need any refrigeration or freezer unless you chose to store the leftovers.


Source by Lindsey Price

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