Getting Bored With Breakfast, But Need to Keep it Cheap?

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If you're like me then eating eggs and toast over and over or maybe a bowl of cereal and yogurt just doesn't cut it. Breakfast can be boring if you have the same thing, so having a collection of recipes or ideas is priceless.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the following meals will keep you energized throughout the day. These meals will also fill you up and help you wallet feel full.

Omelets-These are so much better then regular scrambles eggs. Normally I just scramble 2-6 eggs, depending on how many I'm feeding, then I throw in whatever I've got, onion, ham, chicken, bacon, tomato, pepper, cheese, sausage, and I'll even use leftover veggies like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

Rice and Oats-Not many people use rice for breakfast, but it can be used just like oatmeal. Add some milk, cinnamon, nutmeg or diced fruit and rice or oatmeal can be a delicious and filling meal.

Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast-Add this to some fruit and it makes a tasty breakfast. What's extra special about these is you can cook them and freeze them. When you are ready to eat them throw them in the toaster, get the fruit ready and in less then a minute you can be eating.

Smoothies or Shakes-Who doesn't like a tasty breakfast smoothie. For a really quick smoothie just dump a can of fruit and a couple ice cubes in a blender and mix til done. You could also use yogurt and real fruit for a more shake like breakfast.

Burrito-My absolute all-time favorite breakfast food. Normally my husband and I put eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, cheese and a little green chilies in it. However, we will add other stuff we might need to get rid of like beans and veggies.


Source by Larisa Noga

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