Dxgkrnl Sys Causing High CPU Usage – How to Fix It?

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If you are encountering a problem to gain performance on your CPU memory even after rebooting the computer then you are most probably encountering some issue with your drivers. When you receive an error like ‘dxgkrnl.sys', then there is some problem to do with your BSOD settings.

The cause of dxgkrnl.sys High CPU Usage

These errors mostly occur due to some bug, either in your sound, mouse or monitors drivers. To be able to resolve this error you need to identify the cause of the issue, which requires you to carry out some checks. First and foremost, run the scandisk from the desktop settings. If you find no viruses or bugs then try downloading the BSOD fix tools from the Microsoft website. Installing the files properly to the root drive might help you get rid of bad files from your drivers.

How to fix dxgkrnl.sys High CPU Usage

If it does not solve the problem, then get the new drivers from the internet or reinstall them to make the settings on default; if still the problem persists then most probably, the heat of the computer is causing the problem because of which the hardware settings are getting changed. Changing the cases of the CPU or putting it to some cool place might also resolve the problem.

Moreover disabling the USB flash reader device from the device manager and updating the ‘Intel Matrix Storage Driver' is another way to fix the problem.

These are the some ways to manually fix the problem of BSOD. If still, after trying all the above fixes, you are not able to resolve the problem, and the computer does not run smoothly, then you may have to get your computer checked cleaned with a registry tookit.


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