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The best free thing online these days are crazy free laptops! Who wouldn't want one? They are pretty expensive, the economy has halted growth and many college and high school students are struggling with money and bills. Not to mention if you are unemployed or disabled… there are many things which can makes computers out of reach for many people.

Have you ever seen what it is like when a company gives away a crazy amount of free products? It is almost like a mob scene trying to get something for nothing. It is kind of how it looks on Black Friday, the major shopping holiday of the year. Businesses do give away free products to test them on average users, but since these are so popular, you could wait for a year, and not even receive an acknowledgment letter. There are way too many people trying to get these.

As it sits, by far the easiest way to guarantee crazy free laptops is to complete questionnaires for survey companies and websites. These are not a sweepstakes or anything of the sort. These companies need your feedback, of which they sell to interested companies look to have a better marketing program for your demographic. The survey type websites ask you to complete all the personal and general questions and requirements they state. After 4-6 weeks on average, you should receive a free laptop. Most of the time they are not the top of the line, but they are new versions which could save you up to $1000 dollars for an hour of your time.


Source by Kelsie Polsier

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