Cheap Meal Ideas: Alternatives To Substitute Fast Food

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To address to the fast pace society, what you need is probably some cheap meal ideas to save money and time yet being able to prepare nourishing and wholesome meals for you and your family. This is where our weakness lays, hence the taking advantage by fast food chains to prepare instantaneous meals for those who do not have even several minutes to cook. Most people spend their entire day working and do not look forward to cooking after being worn out from the exhaustive workload.

But there are smart fast food substitute where you need no cooking or cleaning and it takes the maximum up to 25 minutes of preparation period. The first brilliant idea is to have a marriage of vegetables, meat with rice or pasta in one dish. You can begin by cooking the rice or pasta at one pot and while waiting, you can shift to cooking the meat and vegetables. The best is to stir fry slices of meat, be it beef, pork or chicken. Slightly add soy sauce and cook until fully done before adding a bunch of vegetables. You can add a little water to soothe the dryness. When all is done, put a serving on each plate and a nutritious meal is done.

Another way to be used as a fast food substitute is to whip up a batch of pancakes, completed with scrambled eggs. This healthy yet loving meal is suitable for a family and be done in easily half an hour. Instead of making it your breakfast, you can try dining it for a light dinner. There is one cheaper meal that is simple cheese macaroni with some meat. Allow approximately 20 minutes for the beef or turkey to cook and while waiting, prepare the cheese macaroni and the moment you are done, the meat should be ready to be served.

No doubt more people are indulging into these cheap meal ideas as they are sick of getting themselves buying fast food via the drive through. While it could be quite a hassle to shopping for groceries, cook and clean up, people have come to grow conscious about health and the awful consequences of excessive fast food consumption. Perhaps you can take it as a token of exercise and act of learning how to cook by applying these simple ideas. At least you know you are eating healthily.


Source by Chris Cornell

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