Asus Eee 1215N Netbook – A Plain English Guide

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Lots of reviews for the Asus Eee 1215N are just aimed at techie type people. Well here is an article for the layman, the individual who just wants plain English. Rather than bore you with uninteresting numbers and facts you do not need to know or desire to understand I am going to explain first what a netbook is, why you ought to care about the Asus Eee 1215N at all, the best prices and where you can obtain the best deals.

First of all what is a netbook? It's a respectable question and the average person still may not know so do not feel too left out. Well, put plainly it is a mini-laptop. It has the same clout of a bigger laptop however the keyboard is smaller and so is the screen.

The Asus Eee 1215N is a netbook – but one of the larger variants, still smaller than a laptop though.Rather than maintain the cold hard look and feel of your usual laptop/netbook Asus have designed this clever modest computer to have a seashell look to it. That means the external facade has been inspired by seashells. Tricky to explain but trust me it looks great. It is sleek and has an sophistication nothing like older variants of netbooks.

The 1215N screen is rather bigger than your average netbook screen which could be around 6 or 7 inches, the Asus Eee 1215N on the other hand has a whopping 12.1 inch screen. You would normally pay more for this netbook than cheap ones but is in fact very comparable to a laptop price and it is worth it at an average around the £400 mark ($500 in the USA). The overall power is as good as your standard laptop power but this computer is smaller, more portable than a laptop but just as suitable for the same purposes

But what about the specifications? Well, okay here are the specs in plain English for you as well. It has a pretty quick CPU speed at 1.8GHZ. If you don't know what this means please have faith in me when I say that for the purpose of this kind of netbook that's a pretty big number which means it will whiz along whilst you are on the Internet or just working away on it. It has something called NVidia ION and Optimus technology. This means that the bits of electronics inside have the ability to switch themselves on and off when required saving you battery life plus will give you the best possible performance you could hope for. It is wireless enabled – no more cables. It has a webcam. The battery life is an average of 6 hours. The keyboard is designed to prevent RSI.
I hope that's enough to get going on what's inside, the truth is these short facts are really all you need to know to compare it to other netbooks.


Source by Graham McCormack

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