5 Tips to Follow While Setting Up a VPN


Privacy is something that is in a lot of demand these days. You are not safe while using the internet. Privacy has taken a hit because of the presence of a few people who can do anything to harm your private life. VPN on the other hand has come a long way to solve this particular issue. Proxies and VPNs are common solutions that you can count on any time of the day. Thus a few important tips that can enable you to set up a VPN are as follows.

1. Make sure you have a running firewall

This might sound kind of trivial but your firewall must be up and running almost every time even when you are not currently using the VPN. This can avoid unauthorized incoming connection to your network. Most of Windows anti- virus software come with in- built firewalls. This it is recommended to use something like an IP table or a UFW firewall as this can provide a decent level of customization.

2. Stay incognito as much as possible

Most of the people often forget that their web browser can give away a tremendous amount of user information that can at times be extremely personal. This can also happen because of various website policies that can require the user to use cookies and other similar things.

3. Disable any type of Geo- location services

Most of the people these days use smartphones and tablets for daily stuff like Facebook AND Google. Those who require using these services need to watch out because the device can be outfitted with many features for tracking and this also includes GPS.

4. Manage all your cookies

Sometimes, we aren't able to pay enough attention to cookies because of our busy life. You need to understand what a cookie actually does. Cookies actually try to improve your web browsing that can be recurrent at times. Cookies can also be easily transformed and modified into scripts for tracking and these can monitor all your activities.

5. Use untraceable currency to pay for VPN

This can sometimes seem like something paranoid, but it is always better to overprotect yourself instead of simply exposing yourself. In simple terms, you will have to remain incognito while doing your financial operation as well. This is something logical and secure and many people will agree to this. It is one of the important things to remember.


Source by Achal Mehrotra


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