10 Simple Steps To Improving Family Health and Fitness

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We all understand the importance of being healthier, yet so many of us find it difficult to do something about it. Where our family are concerned, health issues take on even greater significance. Here are 10 simple steps we can take to improve family health and fitness.

1. A good place to start is by introducing healthier meals for lunch and dinner. If you're struggling for ideas, go online to find healthy family recipes that can benefit you all.

2. When it comes to the meals you already eat, why not introduce some healthy foods to your family favourites. An extra vegetable in the Sunday roast or new piece of fruit at lunchtime could help.

3. Try to replace the confectionary snacks for healthier options, like fruit or brown toast.

4. Your children will look to you for inspiration, so don't just dictate changes to their diet. Make changes to your own as well.

5. Another way to lead by example is to turn off the TV and do something more energetic. If your children see you slumping in front of the TV every night, chances are they'll follow suit.

6. One way to improve the health and fitness of your children is to introduce them to new sports. By taking them to see live sport and encouraging them to take part in local teams or clubs you may help them to find something they love to do.

7. If your children are of an age where they need to be taken to school, why not leave the car at home and walk? It'll be great exercise for all of you as well as helping the environment.

8. There are a number of family gyms that provide many classes and activities that are perfect for children and the whole family, so you can all get fit together.

9. If your children don't get enough exercise because they're forever playing on games consoles, you could limit their use and encourage them to try alternative activities.

10. Introducing your children to the joys of cooking can be a great way of educating them about good food. Again, it could be worth researching some healthy family recipes to experiment with.


Source by Robert Berry-Smith

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