10 Must Dos For the First Week of Computer Forensics Training

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Your first week on the job will be stressful, as there will be a lot to learn. The following are the 10 “Must-dos” as follows:

1. Dress Appropriately – First impression counts. As a computer forensic trainer, dress professionally during the first week and get a feel for what everyone else wears before you try something more casual.

2. Admit Mistakes and Apologize if Necessary – You're going to make mistakes. It's always better to admit early, and ask for help in fixing it, than to wait until the mistake is discovered.

3. Come Prepared – As a computer forensics trainer, you are expected to provide a laptop computer or special supplies, don't forget them.

4. Be Curious – Don't be afraid to ask! During your training, it is your golden opportunity to ask anything that you don't understand.

5. Pay attention to the details – Take notes on important information you come across during your first week of training. The best way to retain information is to have a clear, concise record of it.

6. No Surfing Please – As a computer forensic trainer gives you chances to access to the internet but always remember the rule, “No surfing during office hours”.

7. Give Your Hand-phone a Break – It's inappropriate to receive personal calls of a non-emergency nature at your job.

8. Learn to walk before you run – Don't rush into doing something until you know how to do it. Things may look easy, but you may not get it right due. Always have someone check your work when you're first starting out to make sure you're on the right track.

9. Know your Limit – If the task given is within your job responsibilities, never refuse to perform the task. But if you are being asked to do things under your abilities, speak up and ask why that is necessary. On the other hand, if tasks given outweigh your abilities, ask for guidance.

10. Work as a Team – No man is an island. You need to get to know the people from the bottom to the top hierarchy. As many employees will feel threatened by new workers, make the transition easy on them and just be nice.


Source by J.J. Yong

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